Questioning the underlying reasons

Believers throw up their hands (sometimes physically) and say it's their duty. Ministers, preachers, pastors, and priests encourage it. I deny that it is incumbent on any Christian believer. Some time ago, a blog acquaintance posted this in her series of post-it-note-type expressions to and from God:   I always take this particular writer's expressions … Continue reading Questioning the underlying reasons


A poor point from 1Samuel 15

The portion of the Hebrew Bible that chronicles the beginning of the period of the great (and not-great) kings is not called Chronicles or Kings in English Bibles.¹  No, it's called 1Samuel, and there's a lot of really interesting stuff in it—stuff that can make us trip and fall all over ourselves.  There are some … Continue reading A poor point from 1Samuel 15

A Mennonite doctrine

A few weeks ago, I read a Mennonite pamphlet that gives these philosophical/doctrinal details as the 4th item in a list entitled "Summary of Fundamental Bible Doctrines of the Church of God in Christ, Mennonite": 4.  Peace and Nonresistance The Kingdom of Christ is peaceable and Nonresistant and must remain separate from the kingdoms of this world: … Continue reading A Mennonite doctrine

Something new

[This essay is offered as a probe, in the vein of continuing conversation on the book Subjects of the Kingdom.  I hope for some reflections and responses.] Something new was coming. In those days John the Baptist came on the scene, preaching in the desert of Judaea, "Repent, the Reign of heaven is near." . … Continue reading Something new