Discipleship and kingdom (two key vantage points)

My thinking on the nature and practice of discipleship in the kingdom of God has been maturing, off and on, throughout all my adult life, but considerations have been more focused and devoted during the last four years.  It was about this time of the year, in 2015, that I began work on my book … Continue reading Discipleship and kingdom (two key vantage points)


While biblically informed discipleship requires us to give ourselves in absolute allegiance to the kingdom of God, the Constantinian cataract threatens the purity of that allegiance by mixing it with an allegiance to the empire or nation-state.  Or, perhaps more accurately, we begin to believe that the pursuit of the agenda of the empire or … Continue reading 3ReMixes

Well-intentioned but wrong-headed

The story has changed a little as it's been passed down the line, but it's basically this:  during communion at a small church in Pennsylvania, an image was shown in which the cross¹ was draped with an American flag.  From my perspective—one in which two distinctly opposing "kingdoms" exist—it's hard to imagine a more irreverent … Continue reading Well-intentioned but wrong-headed

The question of the scepter

Sometimes it's not a deeply theological question that draws my attention.  Sometimes it's not a matter of philosophical systems or of scriptures.  Sometimes the most deserving, material question comes from an unexpected place:  a dated, churchy, "gospel song" often used for the invitation or altar call.  Here's the question: Will you surrender to this Savior, … Continue reading The question of the scepter

The dentist’s office

This is not really about a dentist's office.  It's about "church" and the kingdom of God.  Maybe you and I are alike in that we are frequently disappointed with typical conceptions and practices.  These words voice something important for those who experience disillusionment. I felt disappointed—like I had entered C.S. Lewis's wardrobe, full of anticipation, … Continue reading The dentist’s office