Campbell’s Kingdom

The following Kingdom thoughts come from the writings of reformer Alexander Campbell (1788-1866): It was not until his death that the veil of the temple was rent; that the things "which could not be shaken were shaken."  It was then, and not till then, that he nailed the legal institution to the cross. Then, and … Continue reading Campbell’s Kingdom


William Kay Moser, 1929-2018

The Kingdom is eternal—past, present, and future—and God's ways have never been, aren't, and will never be earth-bound.  One of the hallmarks of a Kingdom thinker is a consciousness that God's ways are other than human ways. One of humankind's ways is war.  While wars can give the illusion of a focus on an eternal … Continue reading William Kay Moser, 1929-2018

Freedom reflections

"Freedom" is an English word which suggests a value held by most Americans—arguably, an innate value.  What, though, is the referent of "freedom"?  It depends on the context.  Are we talking about Scots in the feudal period (see my essay with a Braveheart connection here), 19th-century Africans-become-Americans on the move, Jews or Christians in the … Continue reading Freedom reflections

Two empires (2 of 2)

Jesus Manifesto, by Leonard Sweet and Frank Viola, includes a chapter entitled "A Collision of Two Empires."  Some wonderfully provocative verbiage appears in this chapter.  This is the second of two posts in which I'm sharing quotations.  In this case, there is only a minimum of commentary.    It is a Christian's fatal conceit to … Continue reading Two empires (2 of 2)