The question of the scepter

Sometimes it's not a deeply theological question that draws my attention.  Sometimes it's not a matter of philosophical systems or of scriptures.  Sometimes the most deserving, material question comes from an unexpected place:  a dated, churchy, "gospel song" often used for the invitation or altar call.  Here's the question: Will you surrender to this Savior, … Continue reading The question of the scepter


Redemption of secular work

Most of us who would be disciples of the Messiah-King earn a living in secular work, as commonly distinguished from positions in which "Christian" institutions pay the salaries.  (This scenario is mostly as it should be; I'd say the only adjustment needed is a further reduction of the number of salaried "Christian" jobs.) The humanly … Continue reading Redemption of secular work

The dentist’s office

This is not really about a dentist's office.  It's about "church" and the kingdom of God.  Maybe you and I are alike in that we are frequently disappointed with typical conceptions and practices.  These words voice something important for those who experience disillusionment. I felt disappointed—like I had entered C.S. Lewis's wardrobe, full of anticipation, … Continue reading The dentist’s office