Righteousness exalts (what kind of?) a nation

First:  Let politically conservative Christians realize that the Christian writing this is neither politically aligned nor politically motivated. Equally important:  Let any reader who does not espouse Christianity be assured that this brief essay will NOT be a call for Christians to rise up to make the U.S.A. a Christian nation. When the proverbial expression "righteousness … Continue reading Righteousness exalts (what kind of?) a nation


Three triple-whammies

Whammy #1 I once visited a church that had American flags in three different spaces: decorating the entrance walkway to the building adorning the lobby and pamphlet rack on both sides of the lectern or pulpit Whew!  I get that many people view church buildings as simple extensions of community/civic life, but it was hard … Continue reading Three triple-whammies

Xposted: observations from ancient Israel

These posts look at several "chapter 8s" in the Hebrew Bible, focusing on the beginning of Israel's monarchy and taking the view that God conceded, but did not approve of it: https://blcasey.wordpress.com/2016/11/20/summary-from-the-8s-observations-from-ancient-israels-history/ https://blcasey.wordpress.com/2016/11/21/the-open-god-of-ancient-israels-history/

We’re only responsible for one thing (a timely message)

I'm posting this quotation primarily for two kinds of people:  (1) the politically involved and stressed Christian and (2) any person who may be troubled (or simply annoyed) by those of the first kind. . . . I know this is a difficult time, and I know we all have our own opinions. Some of … Continue reading We’re only responsible for one thing (a timely message)

Questioning the underlying reasons

Believers throw up their hands (sometimes physically) and say it's their duty. Ministers, preachers, pastors, and priests encourage it. I deny that it is incumbent on any Christian believer. Some time ago, a blog acquaintance posted this in her series of post-it-note-type expressions to and from God:   I always take this particular writer's expressions … Continue reading Questioning the underlying reasons

A poor point from 1Samuel 15

The portion of the Hebrew Bible that chronicles the beginning of the period of the great (and not-great) kings is not called Chronicles or Kings in English Bibles.¹  No, it's called 1Samuel, and there's a lot of really interesting stuff in it—stuff that can make us trip and fall all over ourselves.  There are some … Continue reading A poor point from 1Samuel 15

A Mennonite doctrine

A few weeks ago, I read a Mennonite pamphlet that gives these philosophical/doctrinal details as the 4th item in a list entitled "Summary of Fundamental Bible Doctrines of the Church of God in Christ, Mennonite": 4.  Peace and Nonresistance The Kingdom of Christ is peaceable and Nonresistant and must remain separate from the kingdoms of this world: … Continue reading A Mennonite doctrine