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The Pervasive Kingdom

For all of my adult life, I have been conceptually drawn to the Kingdom and Kingship of God.  All along, I would have championed a vast number of propositions that gave prominence or priority to His rule and reign.  Still, I could not have known how often, how deeply, and how integrally I would come to see the significance of this Kingdom.

In the course of writing this book—which had really been simmering on the front burner of my heart for a couple of decades—the priority of the Kingdom began an extended, powerful crescendo.  Now, it resounds more.  It echoes.  And its strains are heard everywhere.  More than once during the research and production phases of this book, I have “stopped the presses” and redirected my energies to writing a new section or considering new implications.  The Kingdom of God topic, quite simply, can never be exhausted.

I keep thinking and writing about these things because of a desire to honor the King.  As a result of this compulsion, I will add new essays, sections, comments, and resources from time to time.  A sequel is planned for late 2017–The Kingdoms:  Essays, Studies, and Anecdotes.

His convinced (but sometimes rebellious) subject,


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