On Israel: my present stance

In my last post, I shared some thoughts on Israel and Zionism, taking an extract from Kairos USA material as a jumping-off point.  What follows is my own theologically and biblically based position statement, intentionally targeted to Christian believers.  [This will not be a statement on peace in the Middle East.  To pursue that important part … Continue reading On Israel: my present stance


On Israel: Kairo USA’s position

Recently, I came upon a whole kit 'n caboodle of purportedly Christian books about end-times prophecy and Israel.  One of the book titles—Standing With Israel—encapsulates a common theological-doctrinal position that treats modern Israel as though it were integral in future redemptive events.  I do not sympathize with that line of thinking, but I am no … Continue reading On Israel: Kairo USA’s position

Inherent antipathy and other foundational Kingdom matters

In the Kingdom sphere of thinking, several considerations and aspects loom large, including sovereignty/submission, prophecy/fulfillment, and Jesus as Messiah-King.  Another is the natural antagonism between earthly kingdoms and God's Kingdom.  If this inherent antipathy does not arise in some measure, something is out of whack—perhaps (1) one's Kingdom thinking is not as Kingdomy as it purports … Continue reading Inherent antipathy and other foundational Kingdom matters