Kingdom glances (3)

Here is a third glance at Kingdom topics—this one, about allegiance to King Jesus, and stimulated by author Matthew Bates.  (The first two are here and here.)  I earnestly believe that faithfulness/allegiance to the kingship of Jesus are, or at least will be, significant to everyone.  This installment speaks in some detail about some key … Continue reading Kingdom glances (3)


Kingdom glances (2)

Here is the second glance at Kingdom topics in this short series—this one, a recollection of my own song "King Jesus." I wrote the song in 1992 in a fit of spiritual excitement, as best I recall.  It has no glaring deficiencies other than its older format[1] but I would now say the song is … Continue reading Kingdom glances (2)

The temple tax

Or William Barclay Describes Two Citizenships In the Daily Study Bible Series commentary on Matthew, the late Scottish theologian William Barclay has this: This question of tax-paying was not of merely historical interest.  Matthew was writing between AD 80 and 90.  The temple had been destroyed in AD 70.  So long as it stood, every … Continue reading The temple tax