Cover Blurbs

Brian Casey is a professional musician who knows how to orchestrate rousing play-a-longs.  Casey is also adept at creating think-a-longs as this significant book demonstrates.  He touches on a plethora of subjects, but this robust work is sharply focused with a singular interest in determining how children of God are to exhibit the Kingdom of God in their time and place.  He is especially centered upon how the forefathers of the Stone-Campbell movement viewed the Kingdom of God in relationship with the nations of the earth in terms of military and governmental involvement.  This weighty tome will force you to think through your predilections.  You may agree with Brian, as I do for the most part, or you may disagree with him.  But you will be challenged to reassess previous commitments. 

Thomas H. Olbricht, PhD
Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Religion
Pepperdine University, Malibu, California


If you don’t like thinking, do not read this book.  This book causes the reader to think.  Christians seem more and more to be the aliens and strangers of our times, and our place in this culture needs to be questioned again.  Brian does well to remind us that this is not a new question, while working to bring forth some new ideas.  As culture changes, it will only become more important that this book is on every preacher’s bookshelf.

Daniel Burns, MA
Pulpit Minister
Porter Church of Christ