Xposted: Battle/Armor Imagery and The Shield

I cross-post this pair of essays here primarily because they deal with a kingdom-related subtopic—the disconnect between (1) Christian life in the kingdom of God and (2) military battle/violence that supports the kingdoms of men.  These essays are specifically about the imagery Paul used in Ephesians 6.  In researching and presenting on that passage at … Continue reading Xposted: Battle/Armor Imagery and The Shield


William Kay Moser, 1929-2018

The Kingdom is eternal—past, present, and future—and God's ways have never been, aren't, and will never be earth-bound.  One of the hallmarks of a Kingdom thinker is a consciousness that God's ways are other than human ways. One of humankind's ways is war.  While wars can give the illusion of a focus on an eternal … Continue reading William Kay Moser, 1929-2018

Peace Events

I've learned that today, September 21, is an International Day of Peace.  A quick scan of this website (currently not responding, presumably because of high traffic) tells me that the associated enterprise is too politicized for my taste, but there are many less worthy things to be aware of and involved in.  I'm glad to know … Continue reading Peace Events

The Imperial Guard and Roman-era military/civil service roles

This post is an appendix to this one in which I discussed military roles for Christians in the Roman era.  Two side questions arose, and I decided to post separately this material about the "Praetorian Guard" in Philippians and some important historical information on military roles. Imperial (Praetorian) Guard The term "Praetorian Guard" in Philippians 1:13 … Continue reading The Imperial Guard and Roman-era military/civil service roles

Early Christians and military service

Once I happened to sit down at a college cafeteria near two other faculty members.  The college was a secular one, and these particular faculty members were rather difficult people.  One of them (an English teacher who had, incidentally, told one of my good students she was too stupid to learn), remarked that she supported the other one's … Continue reading Early Christians and military service

Peace and war (Bethlehem==>Rome; Mecca==>Medina)

A month ago, another Christmas came and went.  As per usual, some tried to "put Christ back in Christmas" or to "keep Christ in Christmas," and others enjoyed the time quite apart from any spiritual thoughts or activities.  I frankly don't care too much one way or the other.  It's just a holiday, and it … Continue reading Peace and war (Bethlehem==>Rome; Mecca==>Medina)