Subtextual “empire” in Paul?

Merely knowing the Roman Empire existed during the time of Jesus and Paul would lead almost anyone to assume that said empire was a factor in people's lives.  I suspect that the extent (a) differed regionally, and (b) will remain largely unknown to us.  I am deeply interested in the "empire" topic and am under … Continue reading Subtextual “empire” in Paul?


Peace Events

I've learned that today, September 21, is an International Day of Peace.  A quick scan of this website (currently not responding, presumably because of high traffic) tells me that the associated enterprise is too politicized for my taste, but there are many less worthy things to be aware of and involved in.  I'm glad to know … Continue reading Peace Events

NT kingdom instances

A kingdom word study appeared here on the Logos Academic Blog in September, 2017.   This is succinct, valuable information, and it led to a little re-thinking on my part.  Below, I've reproduced a slightly edited version of my comment on that blog. Thank you for this word-use analysis.  Your observations seem sound, and I greatly appreciate … Continue reading NT kingdom instances