The Kingdom’s inescapability

Now the preaching of the Kingdom of God will not fall upon the ears of modern man as altogether a strange thing.  Rather it strikes upon his deepest longing, albeit he knows it not.  To be sure, he is not aware that he desires that Kingdom, for the very word is to him theologian’s cant which he would not understand, even if, indeed, he ever heard it uttered.  Yet for the stuff of that Kingdom he yearns; even thousands who have never in their lives darkened a church door grope blindly after it unwittingly.  For the hope of it is engraved in the very necessity of man’s nature, and he can no more escape it then he can escape himself.

There is, indeed, a remarkable coincidence between the vision of the Kingdom of God as the prophets saw it and that goal which men most deeply desire today.
– John Bright, The Kingdom of God, 248

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