The Kingdom is good news

The horrors of Hurricane Harvey are only beginning to be known by those of us not directly affected.  I won’t attempt to encapsulate an event of such magnitude.  Today, I heard the quip that “the news,” for the first time in quite a while in our country, has actually been the news.  Harvey has brought overwhelmingly bad news overall, of course, but there are also some good news bits, as well, such as reports of the tremendous humanitarian work of the “Cajun Navy.”  I am no news hound, but I can well imagine that, in the aggregate, more news reports this week are comparatively factual and less slanted since Hurricane Harvey hit.

As I move along in the rutty mode of physical life, I am frequently impressed that unseen Kingdom is, or at least should be, a pervasive topic for the Christian believer.  And the kingdom is good news for the believer!  When Jesus arrived on the scene in Judea and Galilee, something new had come.  This was good news—first for the Jew, and also for the gentile.

Earlier this week, I watched a newly produced video by The Bible Project, an endeavor I have come to respect a great deal.  In this brief presentation, they do a good job of summarizing the good news of the Kingdom—or, arguably, the good news that is the Kingdom.  Simply put, God’s Kingdom as announced by John and Jesus was not what most people expected, and many aspects still seem “upside down” to the human mind.  Starting just after the 1:00 mark in the five-minute video, it might seem as though the teachers are hinting eschatologically at an eventual physical throne for Jesus in Jerusalem, but in following the presentation through to the end, I was satisfied with their emphasis on the gospel of the unseen Kingdom.



Gospel of the Kingdom video

Precious few are the writers or music ensembles or scholars that could claim me as a “groupie,” but The Bible Project has become one.  Please take 5-6 minutes to watch this video when you have time.



New Book

As a postscript here, on this first day of September, I will add a tiny bit of news I hope you will also think is good:  I am now working on a new book on the Kingdom topic.  Its working title is Two Kingdoms:  Essays, Examinations, and Notes.  I aim to finish Two Kingdoms by the middle of 2018, but time will tell.  In the meantime, I hope, with you, to emphasize the eternal kingdom’s good news.


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