On the connection of kingdom concepts

Below is a provocative thought from personal correspondence with Lee Patmore.  A former auto body mechanic, Lee is a minister in Alberta and also owns cattle.  I know him to be an impressively committed student of scripture and a devoted disciple of Jesus.

On the one hand some seem to want to jettison any connection between the kingdom Jesus advocates and that which is connected to David.  On the other hand others seem to want to make Jesus’ kingdom just like David’s.  I want to maintain the connection of Matthew’s kingdom of heaven to the story of Israel (I think he insists on that) and yet permit him/Jesus to rewrite, subvert, affirm, bring it to completion, etc., in whatever way he wants.  – Lee Patmore (used by permission)

I wholeheartedly affirm Lee’s pursuit of the connection between Matthew’s “kingdom of heaven” and the “story” of the Jews of Jesus’ and Matthew’s time.  Matthew’s audience is said to be primarily Jewish, and that orientation implies at least some connection to Jewish history.  I don’t know that I’m as open as Lee to just anything I might find in terms of connection between the Davidic throne and Jesus’ kingdom—I do have biases and agendas—but I am compelled by Lee’s exemplary posture.  Any posture that honestly investigates and ponders and applies “kingdom” is of interest to me (!).  We may logically assume is that there is a strong connection in Matthew between the Davidic kingdom and what Jesus was doing.


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