Engaging as Pilgrims: Conversing

A relatively lengthy chapter in the book is titled “Christian Witness:  Engaging as Pilgrims,” and that chapter begins as follows:

In terms of “ministry options,” a believer may feel stymied if he lives inside the ideology that Christians should not participate actively in governmental affairs or in the military.  One certainly has fewer options for engaging in the world while he is traveling through it.  A responsible, mature individual sees obvious needs in the world; this is true of those with both secular and faith-based orientations.  It would be irresponsible not to acknowledge and address the gap between 1) opting out of politically centered matters and 2) the need to love our neighbors in some sense—to be salt and light.

It is my hope that readers will share ideas on how to engage.  Even if you believe it’s just fine for a Christian to be active politically, please share non-politically based ideas here for the sake of all of us.  How can all of us—as the King’s subjects—act in this world in order to bring good to those around us?  The ideas can be as small or large as the imagination. . . .

Please share comments!

Suggestions and possibilities for engaging as pilgrims

  • Expressing respect for law enforcement officers
  • Volunteering to provide food and clothing

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